My Big Dream

There are so many issues in the world on the news and social media, and also many issues that are not as media friendly and so not as well known about, although all equally worthy a cause. I've always wanted to contribute to society and help people, but sometimes not had a clear idea of what to do.

I strongly believe in the power of education, maybe even about all other resources, to improve the loves of individuals, especially women, but also to bring positive change to their communities and environment.

My deep wish and life goal is to build 100 schools in the most disadvantaged countries in the world. I haven't worked out everything - how to decided which countries to work with, or whether I want to take on everything myself, or raise money for a foundation.

I've read that building a school in a third world country generally cost about $30,000. Whether this is accurate or not, I'm not sure, but it's a good starting point. With this in mind, to achieve my goal, I'll have to raise at least $3 million. That is a lot of money. If I can achieve a fraction of this in my lifetime, I'd still be satisfied.

I have other smaller, more modest goals too - these will be stepping stones to the big dream. I'll go through those in detail at a later date. But I wanted to get this 'big scary dream' (as Kristina Karlsson puts it) out into the world, for accountability's sake.

What are your big dreams and wishes? Raising a big, loving family, travelling the world, becoming a hermit - these and more are all completely amazing goals and I'd love to learn all about yours.


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